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1 Photograph by Maria Cavali  2 What am I doing with my ear? Who can say.

Chapter I

Hello! This is me. Marie Phillips. I love that photograph beeause it’s had the bejaysus photoshopped out of it but basically I want you to think of me looking like that at all times, staring off into the distance thinking intelligent things while wearing killer lipstick.

I am a writer and storyteller. I write mainly fiction, radio comedy, and the occasional humour book. You can find out more about that in the section called ‘what’. My most famous book is called Gods Behaving Badly, it came out in a lot of countries back in 2007 and it was made into a film, which starred Chrostopher Walken and Sharon Stone and John Turturro and many other famous people, but you have never seen it, unless you are Lithuanian or Estonian, because it was only ever screened on Lithuanian and Estonian television. If you can find it on the internet, email me at God knows I have tried enough times. The other very well-known thing I have done was a BBC Radio 4 series called Warhorses of Letters, which I co-wrote with my friend Robert Hudson. It starred Stephen Fry and Daniel Rigby. They were amazing and delightful, as you would hope and expect. Then there are a bunch of less well-known things that I have done and really wish you would buy. You can do that in ‘what’ as well.

I started storytelling in 2018. I missed the connection that you get from being in a room with actual people sharing stories, rather than writing by myself at home and then a year later the book comes out and you just sort of hope people are reading it. I do a lot of live events and also create theatrical shows using multiple storytellers and musicians. You can find out all about that in the section called ‘when’, as well as details of any live events that I am doing to promote my other writing.

Finally I also coach people in writing and storytelling and in creativity in general. You can arrange that directly with me by emailing I charge according to what you need and what you can afford.