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1 Here’s a picture of me with Milda, a fellow storyteller, posing with an old food truck we found in the park when we were promoting a show we had made together about food. Why did I choose it? Because it illustrates the personal, the collective, the meaningful and the random. Everything I love about writing.

Chapter V 

One of the things that I have learned through my career as a writer is that the question of why is the most important question that a writer can ask themself*. Who, what, when and where are just the facts. But why is what makes it a story. Why does this matter? Why does it matter to you? Why are you taking the time to write it down? Why do other people need to know about this? Why is what creates the desire to write. I am someone who has wanted to know why my whole life. After a while I realised that nobody was going to answer that question to my satisfaction, and so I started to write in order to answer it myself.

Why do you write? I can help you figure it out. To discuss creative coaching, email me at

Please note that due to time contraints I am currently limiting the number of clients I take on. I will ask you to submit a writing sample or a short video of your storytelling and then we can arrange a preliminary chat.

*No. Themself is not really a word. I am using it anyway.