Marie Phillips

Writer and Storyteller

Her storytelling shows include The Road to Ithaca (Oerol Festival 2019), A La Carte (Amsterdam International Storytelling Festival 2019, Amsterdam Fringe 2020), The Odyssey (Café de Ceuvel, Amsterdam 2019), and Lalaei (with Belgian group Zwerm and Iranian singer Sarah Akbari, European tour 2022-present). She has performed at festivals including The Hay Literary Festival, Wilderness, Shambala and Festival Number 6. She works with musicians to create music and story hybrids, including Anne la Berge (Assail, 2017) and the forthcoming WaSTories with HYOID voices.

Forthcoming Appearances:
November 4th 2023: Lalaei, Amsterdam Storytelling Festival, Podium Mozaiek
November 5th 2023: Il Faut Danser (You Must Dance), Amsterdam Storytelling Festival, Podium Mozaiek
March 6th 2023: Lalaei, De Warande, Turnhout
March 7th 2024: Lalaei, CC Sint Niklaas
March 9th 2024: Lalaei, CC Berchem, Antwerp