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1 Marie is often asked whether she is the woman on the cover of Gods Behaving Badly. She is not. It is the goddess Aphrodite. However, Marie is definitely the woman on the cover of Create Your Own Midlife Crisis.

2 There are over twenty international editions of Gods Behaving Badly. The Turkish edition, Kaldirim Tanrilari, has the sexiest cover.

3 No unicorns were harmed in the production of the cover of The Table of Less Valued Knights.

Chapter II

Marie wrote her first novel at 14. It was called The Lone Bagpipe and its whereabouts are unknown. Her published novels are Gods Behaving Badly, The Table of Less Valued Knights, and Oh, I Do Like To Be... She was one of the shadowy cabal of anonymous women who wrote the erotic spoof Fifty Shelves of Grey, under the collective name Vanessa Parody. Her newest book, Create Your Own Midlife Crisis, will be published in November 2019.

Marie has also written two series for Radio 4, both with the playwright Robert Hudson: Warhorses of Letters, starring Stephen Fry and Daniel Rigby, and Some Hay In A Manger, starring Tamsin Greig and Joel Fry. A further series, the Finnish Death Metal-themed Tyrannosaurus Christ, remains mysteriously unproduced.

Praise for Marie:

Gods Behaving Badly: “Very very funny and delightfully original as well as acutely clever in a makes-you-think-about-contemporary-morality-without-realising-it kind of way... This novel will not only make you laugh and give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling, it will also provide a good basic grounding in Greek mythology” – The Independent

"The Table of Less Valued Knights infects Arthurian legend with a brio not seen since Monty Python and the Holy Grail" - New Statesman

Oh, I Do Like To Be...: "Fast, clever and - I can state this with confidence - significantly funnier than the original" - The Spectator

Warhorses of Letters: “What an odd delight… Very funny, but also strange enough to have you staring at the radio in places” – The Guardian

“By far the best spin-off we've read so far is Fifty Shelves Of Grey by the appropriately monikered Vanessa Parody” - GQ